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In our Yoga teacher training program in Thailand you will have the privilege of experiencing an integral evolution. You will go down memory lane to the very humble beginnings of yoga; we absolutely believe that for you to become the best yoga teacher, you should know the origins of yoga and how it has evolved over the years. The years of experience we have gathered in this field has been useful in identifying the right programs that will be very effective in turning you into a well skilled and very confident yoga teacher at the end of the program.

Our program has been classified to fit into a 200 hour schedule, this will comprise of intensive training and teaching that has been approved and accredited by the international yoga alliance. Our training program will be achieved at 100% when we have been able to successfully help you convert your passion for yoga into becoming a highly skilled and confident yoga teacher and instructor.

An Overview of the program

Our academic program are created in line with the energy based orthodox yoga, Kundalini Yoga, a focus on spiritual heart meditation, and the single wisdom of Advaita Vedanta. Our aim to bring together the heart and the mind to be linked as one, this will be done in a unique way that will fuse together logical reasoning and soul searching exercises to create a revealing awareness of health and positive frame of mind. We thrive on originality and optimism, the natural passion for yoga and inspiration to get better. Our teaching will also cover the rudiments of hatha yoga. The curriculum covers the teaching of 28 classical postures which will include a combination of the traditional static holding of poses with the dynamic flow of sun salutation. We encourage a feeling of awareness while using the energies of the mind and body under our control.

Our program has been created to encompass the necessary training and skill empowerment that will train you to become a successful yoga instructor. With the right discipline and an in-depth knowledge of yoga techniques you will be easily able to develop yourself to become better at correction and adjustments, more advanced in yoga history, and a confident expression of your new found leadership abilities. We have confidence in our programs here as the testimonials from our past graduates are simply outstanding. They practically start using their skills immediately after graduating from our establishment.